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Regional Workshop on Promoting Connectivity through Trade Facilitation and Aid for Trade

This workshop, jointly hosted by ADB, KCS, WTO, and KHU, is designed to examine the progress and impacts of trade facilitation and aid for trade on promoting connectivity in Asia and the Pacific, and prepare regional input for the Sixth Global Review of Aid for Trade, “Promoting Connectivity” to be held at WTO in Geneva on 11-13 July 2017.

As for the aid for trade, a special attention will be paid to its contribution to improving FDI and service trade. Each session is also designed to cover a wide range of trade facilitation-related issues including the status of WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement implementation and support; engagement in, and support to, the development of e-commerce and digital trade, and the progress of trade facilitation projects in Asia and the Pacific. A particular emphasis will be placed upon the least-developed countries and geographically remote economies, as they continue to experience prohibitively high trade costs.

Acronyms for participating organizations - ADB: Asian Development Bank; KCS: Korea Customs Service; WTO: World Trade Organization; KHU: Kyung Hee University; WCO: World Customs Organization; UNESCAP: United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific