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UNECE International Conference on Single Windows.

UNECE is organizing an International Conference on Single Windows on Monday 30 and Tuesday 31 October, 2017.
Single Window is a concept which is an integral part of the cross border trading process, and UNECE was the first body to provide international guidance on the Single Window. This is an important aspect of the World Trade Organization’s Trade Facilitation Agreement and could contribute to satisfying multiple articles of this agreement. Implementation can also potentially unlock millions of dollars.
But times evolve and today we are seeing the emergence of blockchain, big data, internet-of-things as well as different ways of conceiving border crossings; this conference will take stake of these evolutions and propose the next steps going forward.

Key speakers and organizations participating include: Ms. Olga Algayerova, UNECE Executive Secretary; H.E. Mr. Alvaro Cedeno, Ambassador of Costa Rica; EU-DG-TAXUD (EU tax and customs authority); EU-DG-MOVE (EU transport authority); the World Trade Organization; the World Customs Organization; the African Alliance for e-Commerce;  the governments of Estonia, Iran and many others.

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