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Implementation Plan of the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement

​This will be the third event organized within the framework of the USAID-funded project to assist in the implementation of the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement.
Financed by USAID, the event will address Côte d'Ivoire’s Trade Facilitation Committee members. The objectives are to:
- Increase the understanding of NTFC members on the advantages and key aspects of trade facilitation and the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement;
- Share with Côte d'Ivoire’s NTFC best practices in the establishment of NTFCs around the world
- Assist in the elaboration of the Terms of Reference and action plan of the NTFC;
- Provide I Côte d'Ivoire’s NTFCs with key concepts regarding a regional approach for implementing trade facilitation reforms.
- Ensure coordination among development partners and trade facilitation stakeholders for future engagement in Côte d'Ivoire’s.