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Notifications list

In this page you can find the list of WTO Members that have presented notifications to date.  

Click on the icon A, B or C in the table below to access the official notification in the language of your choice, i.e. English, French or Spanish.

To benefit from special and differential treatment (SDT), a Member must categorize each provision of the Agreement, as defined below, and notify other WTO Members of these categorizations in accordance with specific timelines outlined in the Agreement:

Category A: Provisions that the Member will implement by the time the Agreement enters into force (or in the case of a least-developed country Member within one year after entry into force)

Category B: Provisions that the Member will implement after a transitional period following the entry into force of the Agreement

Category C: Provisions that the Member will implement on a date after a transitional period following the entry into force of the Agreement and requiring the acquisition of assistance and support for capacity building. 


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Notified Category A Notified Category B Notified Category C
Total: 121 105 95
Afghanistan A B C
Albania A B C
Angola A B C
Antigua and Barbuda A B C
Argentina A B
Armenia A B C
Bahrain, Kingdom of A B C
Bangladesh A B C
Barbados A B C
Belize A B C
Benin A B C
Bolivia, Plurinational State of A B C
Botswana A B C
Brazil A B
Brunei Darussalam A B
Burkina Faso A B C
Burundi A B C
Cabo Verde A B C
Cambodia A B C
Cameroon A B C
Central African Republic A B C
Chad A B C
Chile A
China A B
Chinese Taipei A
Colombia A B
Congo, Republic of A B C
Costa Rica A C
Côte d'Ivoire A B C
Cuba A B C
Democratic Republic of the Congo A B C
Djibouti A B C
Dominica A B C
Dominican Republic A B C
Ecuador A B C
Egypt A B C
El Salvador A C
Eswatini, Kingdom of A B C
Fiji A B C
Gabon A B C
Gambia A B C
Georgia A C
Ghana A B C
Grenada A B C
Guatemala A B C
Guinea A B C
Guyana A B C
Honduras A B C
Hong Kong, China A
India A B
Indonesia A B
Israel A
Jamaica A B C
Jordan A B C
Kazakhstan A B C
Kenya A B C
Korea, Republic of A
Kuwait, the State of A
Kyrgyz Republic A B C
Lao People’s Democratic Republic A B C
Lesotho A B C
Liberia A B C
Macao, China A B
Madagascar A B C
Malawi A B C
Malaysia A B
Maldives A B C
Mali A B C
Mauritania A B C
Mauritius A B C
Mexico A
Moldova, Republic of A B C
Mongolia A B C
Montenegro A B C
Morocco A B C
Mozambique A B C
Myanmar A B C
Namibia A B C
Nepal A B C
Nicaragua A B C
Niger A B C
Nigeria A B C
Oman A B
Pakistan A B C
Panama A B C
Papua New Guinea A B C
Paraguay A B C
Peru A B C
Philippines A B C
Qatar A
Republic of North Macedonia A B
Rwanda A B C
Saint Kitts and Nevis A B C
Saint Lucia A B C
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines A B C
Samoa A B C
Saudi Arabia, Kingdom of A
Senegal A B C
Seychelles A B C
Sierra Leone A B C
Singapore A
Solomon Islands A B C
South Africa A B
Sri Lanka A B C
Suriname A C
Tajikistan A B C
Tanzania A B C
Thailand A B
Togo A B C
Tonga A B C
Trinidad and Tobago A B C
Tunisia A C
Turkey A
Uganda A B C
Ukraine A B C
United Arab Emirates A B
Uruguay A B
Vanuatu A B C
Viet Nam A B C
Zambia A B C
Zimbabwe A B C
Total: 121 105 95

Information updated on 19.02.2021.