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TFAF Assistance

The Facility was created at the request of developing and least-developed country (LDC) Members to help ensure they receive the assistance they need to reap the full benefits of the Trade Facilitation Agreement.  To that end, the Facility will provide the following types of support:

Assistance to notify the categories

With a view to ensuring that assistance is available for the notification of categories A, B and C commitments the TFAF will, inter alia, continue to administer the WTO Needs Assessment Program. This program assists developing and LDC Members to identify their needs in order to implement the Agreement, including self-determining the time that would be needed to implement each provision and its technical assistance needs.

List of Needs Assessements conducted


Assistance and support for capacity building

The TFAF will seek to ensure that WTO Members fully understand the Agreement, the steps needed for its implementation, and the requirements to benefit from the special and differential treatment provisions.  To this end, it will make available training materials, case studies, and best practices. 


TFAF grants

The TFAF will provide two types of grants to developing and LDC Members notifying Category C commitments. Members may apply for these grants where no other funding source is available to meet their needs.