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Workshop for the National Trade Facilitation Committee of Burundi

UNCTAD and GiZ are implementing a project in the East African Community (EAC) since early 2015 with the objective of developing strategic planning on trade facilitation at both national and regional levels and strengthening existing national and regional trade facilitation bodies.

In mid-2015, a first round of workshops was delivered to relevant stakeholders in order to formally set up their NTFCs. Creating synergies with UNCTAD-HMRC-WCO capacity building program on trade facilitation, the second round of national trainings will be held between May and July 2016 and will count on a wide range of experts from UNCTAD, UNIDO, WCO and the EAC. The workshops aim to follow up on the functioning of the NTFCs and improve the technical knowledge of members on selected TFA measures.

In partnership with WCO, UNIDO and the EAC Secretariat, participants of the national workshop will:

- Share knowledge on the current status of the TFA category C measures
- Develop an Action Plan for their national bodies taking into consideration key regional aspects.
- Discuss main points to prepare project proposals on “Test Procedures” (TFA Art. 5.3), “Perishable Goods” (TFA Art. 7.9) and “Border Agency Cooperation” (TFA Art. 8) at national level.
- Present TFA Art. 1 on “Publication and availability of trade-related information” and upcoming Trade Portal project in Burundi.
- Launch the new UNCTAD Empowerment Programme for NTFCs.