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WTO advanced course for Chairs of National Trade Facilitation Committees (in French)

Due to the high demand for the Advanced Course for Chairs of National Trade Facilitation Committees that was conducted at the WTO in June 2016, the WTO Secretariat will conduct a similar course from 30 January to 10 February in French. The same course will be offered in Spanish (dates to be announced soon).   

The Trade Facilitation Agreement requires all Members to have a national committee to oversee its implementation.  These committees must be operational by the time the Agreement enters into force.   

This course will aim to build the capacity of committee chairs, help develop a network of contacts among chairs of national trade facilitation committees of different Members and a good working relationship with the organizations that will provide technical assistance to support their respective national committees.   

For any enquiries on the course, please contact Ms. Deirdre Lynch at the WTO.