WTO TFAF completes Project Preparation Grant with Madagascar


From 29 January to 1 February TFAF carried out a mission to Madagascar to conclude its Project Preparation Grant (PPG). The PPG included 29 Category C commitments of the TFA and was designed to take stock of current implementation progress, identify remaining barriers [for obtaining assistance and capacity building] and to engage with development partners who could potentially support Madagascar in its implementation efforts. 


Meetings were held in different formats with over 40 representatives of the National Trade Facilitation Committee (NTFC) of Madagascar including the private sector as well as development partners including the European Union, the World Bank Group and Japan International Cooperation Agency. The week was concluded with a two-day dialogue with the NTFC. 


  • Some measures which remain as category C measures, may well in fact be close to implementation. This progress could be notified to the WTO TF Committee through the 'arrangements and progress' or 'early implementation' notifications.  

  • At the same time, on-going needs for sensitisation or refresher training to take account of staff turnover, may mean that such implementation may not to be notified. 

  • New tools and approaches to 'go beyond' the Trade Facilitation Agreement are being explored or taken up while more fundamental TFA-related commitments remain to be fully implemented. 

Next Steps: 

A report recommending priority measures for initial implementation support was sent to the NTFC in March. A donor coordination meeting of development partners will be convened in June to discuss the report and identify potential support on the priorities. The TFAF will continue to support Madagascar on its TFA-related implementation needs.